Ways to Help a Friend with Cancer

We all know that Cancer is a b!tch and it is really hard to accept that you have it. Here are 10 useful ways to show support your friend in their time of need.

pink ribbon

  1. Offer Specific Help
    Think about her normal routine when she was still without Cancer. She maybe couldn’t do that all now. Simple things like offering her to drive her for a day for her errands, would mean a lot to her and I am sure of that.

  3. Help Her Find a Great Wig
    Let’s face it, chemotherapy is going to be an option for your friend’s treatment and you could help her get a selection of new dos to make her feel that she isn’t alone in facing this dreaded condition. Make it fun and get her wigs in different colors. Who knows, maybe your friend has been fantasizing to walk around with pink or red hair.

  5. Get Pictures Taken
    Capturing memories would mean a lot to her. Always bring a camera and capture the memories away.

  7. Respect Her Care Decisions
    Learn to listen and understand the situation from her point of view. It would help her build up her self-esteem, as we all know that Cancer is really taking a toll on her.

  9. Be a Health Buddy
    Cancer patients often suffer information overload and you can’t blame her. You could act as her assistant and research about the things that matter. You could also offer to accompany her to walk around the neighborhood to get some early sunshine if the doctor permits her.

  11. Take Her Mind Off Cancer
    You could always get your circle of friends to visit her on a schedule so she doesn’t always feel alone. You could bring her crafts to do when you are chit chatting.

  13. Understand Her Flakiness
    Cancer isn’t easy to handle and you should understand that, and let her know that it is okay.

  15. Give the Right Gifts
    Let other people get your friend flowers and food. Instead, get your friend something that she could relate to. If she is into photography, get her a book about it. She maybe cannot go outside to shoot, but she could look at the pretty pictures in the book.

  17. Don’t Disappear
    Even if you couldn’t be with your friend physically 24/7, make sure that you have constant communication with her. It maybe  little thing but trust me, your friend would be really thankful about it. People with Cancer often think that they are alone in facing it and it is your imperative to show her otherwise.